Please help us offer
a gift to last a lifetime.

For aspiring families and their children in the Bronx, the study of classical music opens young ears and eyes to a brighter future. Children who study classical music become stronger students, more attentive listeners, more compassionate and thoughtful adults.

Music nourishes confidence, inspiration, and joy! We’re deeply committed to offering the lifelong gift of music to young people in the Bronx, and our program continues to grow!

Please join us! Your gift will help to keep instruction as affordable as possible for deserving families and budding young artists in the Bronx.


In our community, everyone contributes.

Our faculty, families, and students all “stretch” and give so much of themselves in coming together each Saturday for a really inspiring purpose.

Our dedicated faculty of young virtuosi hope their next professional steps lead to Carnegie Hall. They teach privately, practice, and study at Juilliard, Mannes, Manhattan School of Music, and a host of the nation’s best conservatories. In working with our students, many make significant sacrifices.

Our families and students live in some of the most diverse and economically challenged neighborhoods in the U.S. They work hard and dig deep to make and keep commitments to our program.

Our community of supporters and contributors makes the big difference — helping to sustain and strengthen our joyful and resonant Saturdays in the Bronx.

As our conservatory grows, we hope you’ll join in our purpose and support our community!

boy at piano
kid with violin
child playing piano
girl learning guitar
girl with guitar
boy learning guitar
child reading piano music
kid with guitar

There’s a lot of cultural richness here, but the borough is really drained of resources. If we want the Bronx to thrive, we have to make a commitment to change, and to stay here, and to support programs like this.

- Jorge Estrella
Bronx Conservatory Parent